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No one wants to deal with wasps building nests on their property. Getting stung can be painful and dangerous. Especially for children and those allergic to wasp venom. Large nests also pose a risk to pets. At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we understand the hazards wasps can pose and make it our top priority to eliminate nests fast.

Our wasp control technicians use environmentally-friendly methods safe for families and pets. We do a thorough inspection to locate all nests on your property. Then we apply direct nest treatments to kill the wasps and remove the nests. With our high-quality spray equipment and years of experience, we can take care of nests in hard-to-reach places around your home.

We stand behind our wasp treatments 100% by including a warranty with services. We remain on-call 24/7 to address any additional issues at no extra cost. Our customers trust us to deliver fast relief from wasps for total peace of mind.

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What are Wasps?

Wasps are stinging insects that build nests. They form colonies in and around homes and buildings in Brisbane. Some of the most common wasp species we deal with include:

  • European wasps – Recognizable by their yellow and black markings. They build large papery nests and produce workers that aggressively guard the nest.
  • Paper wasps – Make exposed umbrella-shaped gray paper nests under eaves or other structures. They have long legs and more slender bodies.
  • Mud dauber wasps – Solitary wasps that build mud nest tubes on walls, eaves or beams. They prey on spiders and other insects.
  • Spider wasps – Carry spiders to their nests to feed larvae. They have long legs and wings but a very thin, thread-like waist.
  • Cicada killer wasps – Large black wasps that dig holes in lawns or gardens to create nests. The males aggressively defend nesting areas.

Identifying the type of wasps invading your home is the first step to controlling them. The key is having the nests eliminated before colonies can grow.

The Dangers of Wasp Nests

Wasp nests often start out small but can grow to house thousands of wasps over time. Some species like European paper wasps build nests in roof voids, under eaves, or on tree branches. Queensland mud-dauber wasps prefer sheltered places like sheds, garages and internal ceilings.

Wherever wasps decide to nest, they pose multiple problems:

  • Painful stings – Anyone nearby is at risk of getting stung if wasps feel threatened by sudden movements or vibrations. Their stings are quite painful and repeated stings can be medically dangerous.
  • Allergic reactions – Up to 5% of people can suffer life-threatening allergic reactions to wasp venom. Swelling, rashes or difficulty breathing are signs of anaphylaxis requiring emergency care.
  • Property damage – Wasps chew wood and plant fibers to expand their nests. This gradual damage can be costly over time. Nests built into wall voids also increase moisture retention.
  • Livestock and pet attacks – Wandering into a wasp nest can be fatal for cats, small dogs, chickens, and other outdoor pets. Farm animals like sheep and horses are also vulnerable.

Clearly wasp nests should not be tolerated around family homes in Brisbane. Call EPM Pest Control at 07 3132 3773 for professional removal and treatment. Our fast action protects your family’s health and home value.

Signs of Infestation

  • Wasps buzzing around outdoor areas
  • Mud or paper nests visible on eaves, trees etc.
  • Small wasp holes in walls or soffits
  • Aggressive wasps hovering and ready to sting

How to Control Wasps

  • Seal cracks, holes and entry points
  • Use screens on vents, chimneys, etc.
  • Keep bins and potential food sources covered
  • Avoid wearing bright colors or sweet scents outdoors
  • Install outdoor fans to disrupt flight paths

What to Do if You Have a Problem

Call 07 3132 3773 for same-day professional wasp nest removal and extermination services.

Our Wasp Control Services

  • Wasp Nest Removals
  • Inspection to find all nests
  • Professional removal and extermination
  • Preventative pest control measures
  • Exterior treatment to deter nest building
  • Follow-up inspections to ensure elimination

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