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Silverfish Control in Brisbane

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Ssilverfish infestations can be hard to remove. These creepy crawlies love dark, humid environments and can quickly take over your home. Left unchecked, silverfish can cause extensive damage. They feed on paper, fabrics, photos, wallpaper and more.

The good news is that EPM Pest Control Brisbane has over 10 years of experience getting rid of silverfish. We offer quick and effective silverfish treatment solutions. We are fully licensed and insured. Plus we use eco-friendly methods to eliminate silverfish while keeping your family safe.

Our silverfish control process get results fast. We inspect your property to locate all silverfish harborage areas and nests. Then we use high-quality professional-grade products and equipment to treat infested areas. This allows us to get rid of both adult silverfish and eggs.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If silverfish return between treatments, we’ll come back again at no extra charge.

Don’t wait for the silverfish problem to get worse. Call us 07 3132 3773 today to schedule affordable, high-quality silverfish control.

Our expert technicians will remove silverfish infestation quickly. So you can live silverfish-free.

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What are Silverfish?

There are around 20 species of silverfish. They’re small, wingless insects about and grow to be around 1 centimeter long. They have long, slender, flattened bodies. Their name comes from the  silvery, metallic appearance on their bodies.

Here are some key facts about silverfish:

  • Color – They have a distinctive silver or pearl-like color, which helps give them their name. Their bodies are covered with fine scales.
  • Diet – Silverfish feed on starchy foods like paper, photos, wallpaper, glue, starch in book bindings, and even some fabrics. They can also eat dead insects.

The most common species found in Brisbane homes and buildings include:

  • Common Silverfish: This is the most widespread silverfish species in Australia. They have a tapered, fish-like shape and can be identified by their silver-gray scales and long antennae. They feed on starchy foods and paper products.
  • Firebrat Silverfish: Slightly smaller than common silverfish, firebrats have mottled gray coloring and prefer warmer environments. They are drawn to heat sources and will chew on fabrics, wallpaper, and books.
  • Ctenolepisma longicaudata: Also known as the long-tailed silverfish, this species has distinctive long cerci (tail-like appendages). It feeds on detritus and plants.
  • Lepisma saccharina: The sugar silverfish prefers sugary foods like candies, syrups, and fruits. They are identified by their uniform silver-blue scales.

The Risks

  • Cause damage by feeding on materials like paper, photos, wallpaper, starch in books/cardboard, and more
  • Leave behind a messy trail of yellow stains from their excrement
  • Can contaminate food sources
  • Reproduce quickly, with females laying up to 60 eggs over their 2-year lifespan

Signs of Infestation

  • Seeing silverfish darting around walls, floors, bathtubs, sinks and in clothing
  • Finding yellowish stains or holes in fabrics, paper, photos
  • Presence of exoskeletons after molting

How to Control Silverfish

  • Reduce humidity levels below 50%
  • Seal cracks and crevices where they can enter
  • Store paper items in sealed plastic bins
  • Keep food sealed in containers
  • Hire a professional pest control service to start a treatment plan.

What to Do If You Have a Problem

Call us on 07 3132 3773 if you see signs of silverfish. We can inspect and take care of the infestation.

Our Silverfish Control Services

  • Inspection to locate all silverfish harborage areas
  • Professional treatments of infested areas
  • Follow-up visits between treatments if needed
  • Use of latest treatments and high-quality equipment
  • Environmentally-friendly products when possible

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  • Affordable pricing
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