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Flea Control Brisbane

Warm weather means fleas in Brisbane. These biting bug can quickly take over your home and yard. They also spread germs that make pets sick. Getting rid of fleas takes work, but we can help.

Our professional flea control team has over 10 years of experience. We are fully licensed and use safe products approved for homes with kids and pets. A thorough inspection helps us understand how bad your flea problem is. Then we create a custom plan to get rid of fleas at your property.

Treatment starts by using special vacuums and targeted spraying. This kills fleas in all stages of life, including eggs. We may also use flea traps or powders. Prevention tips help stop future infestations. With follow up visits, we ensure fleas stay gone for good.

Fleas can make life miserable for pets and people. Don’t wait, acting fast is key! Call now for a free quote on Professional Flea Treatment services that work. We guarantee flea-free living or your money back. Let our flea pest control experts handle these pesky biting bugs so you and your pets can relax.

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End of Lease Flea Treatment

In Queensland, renters are legally responsible for addressing any pest issues before moving out a rental property. That includes eliminating flea infestations. As part of properly vacating, tenants must show proof that every flea types have been professionally treated and eradicated.

Don’t put your bond payment in jeopardy! Be sure to schedule end of lease treatments so your property meets requirements. We provide official documentation certifying it pest-free. Protect your refund and avoid landlord deductions – let us handle your final clearance.

What are fleas?

Fleas are small, flightless insects that survive by feeding on the blood of warm-blooded animals. Known as blood meals, these bites allow around 2,500 different flea species to get the nourishment needed to reproduce. After feeding, they leave their animal hosts and then look to lay eggs and continue the life cycle.

To learn more about fleas, click here.

Why Is On Time Flea Control Important?

  • Fleas breed rapidly. A small infestation becomes a major one within weeks. The earlier you call for effective flea treatments, the easier it is to get an infestation under control.
  • Fleas bite and feed on pets, not humans. But they cause misery for people too:
    • Flea saliva triggers intense itchiness, discomfort, and inflammation
    • Constant biting and scratching can lead to irritated skin, hair loss, and infections
    • Allergic to flea bites can cause some pets to lick or chew themselves raw
  • Without thorough professional treatment, pesky fleas persist:
    • Eggs and larvae in carpeting and bedding survive for months after adults are gone
    • New flea populations quickly emerge and re-infest your home
  • Only pest control professionals have the knowledge and tools to fully eliminate fleas at every life stage and ensure they don’t come back.

Take away the torment of flea infestation. Call at first signs of flea. Fast expert treatment is the best way to soothe your pets’ skin and keep these pests from plaguing your home.

Ways To Confirm The Presence Of Flea Infestation

You can confirm that fleas have invaded your home or yard by looking for these common signs of infestation:

  • Live adult fleas spotted in carpet fibres, pet bedding, drapes, and furniture cushions
  • Tiny dark insects visible clinging to your pet’s skin and fur upon parting their coat
  • Frequent scratching, biting, or licking at skin by pets trying to relieve bite irritation
  • Evidence of “flea dirt” which resembles ground coffee grains scattered around sleeping areas of your dog or cat
  • Any noticeable rashes, welts, hair loss, or skin inflammation in pet fur indicating allergic reaction to saliva

Observing any of these issues likely means your home has unwelcome guests. Don’t delay pest treatment and risk the problem getting worse. Contact EPM Pest Control Brisbane right away for thorough property inspection. We’ll determine the scope of infestation and create a custom flea treatments that’s right for your situation. The sooner we can start removal, the faster your pets will get lasting relief!

A Step-By-Step Flea Treatment Process

A Step-By-Step Flea Treatment Process

EPM Pest Control offers a thorough 4-stage process to free your home from flea infestations for good.

1. Inspection

Certified technicians will conduct an onsite visit and closely inspect the extent of flea invasion on your property. We determine the species present, examine pet fur and bedding hotspots, and pinpoint environmental factors that have enabled infestation. Thorough inspection allows us to understand the root of the problem for targeted solutions.

2. Tailored Treatments

Our specialists will develop a precise, customised plan based on inspection findings. We outline treatment procedures, expected outcomes, and projected timeframes tailored for your situation. Pre-treatment preparatory steps may also be advised according to treatment types required.

3. The Eradication

With the strategy set, we launch an all-out offensive using integrated treatment methods specific to your property conditions. From insecticides and aerosol spraying, to traps and fogging, we attack fleas at every point in their life cycle. Precision delivery of environmentally-sensitive agents drives pests from even the most secluded harbor sites.

4. Ongoing Prevention

Getting rid of existing flea population is just one part of the challenge. Keeping them from returning long-term is critical too. We provide tailored recommendations so your home stays pest-free, for example:

  • Thoroughly vacuum all floors and upholstered furniture at least twice per week using attachments to extract fleas from carpet fibers and cracks
  • Wash your pet’s bedding frequently in hot water above 140 degrees Fahrenheit to kill flea eggs that drop off and accumulate
  • Regularly groom your furry pets with flea combs and shampoos to catch lingering adults and continuing egg buildup
  • Apply monthly topical flea prevention treatments to your cats and dogs to keep populations from popping back up on their skin
  • Maintain your yard through mowing, leaf removal, and cleaning up pet waste to eliminate moist breeding grounds that fleas prefer
  • Limit wild animal access to your property by sealing entrances and repairing gaps in fencing they could pass through

We also provide additional service visits after 2 weeks to catch any missed pests. Early response to signs of possible re-infestation keeps their numbers from creeping back up again. Consistent rigor with prevention gives your family lasting relief.

How to Control & Prevent Fleas

Our Flea Control Services

  • Inspections
  • Custom treatment plan
  • Pet-safe pesticide applications
  • Steam-heat treatments
  • Long-lasting anti-flea residuals
  • Preventative cleaning recommendations
  • Screening and sealing advice to block reentry points

The Best Flea Control Products

Lots of flea medications for dogs and cats exist. We compiled top options to help you research what’s best for your pet:

  • FleaMail
  • Sentinel Spectrum
  • Nexgard
  • Bravecto
  • Comfortis Plus
  • Advantix

Have questions on treatment products? Our team can offer guidance on choosing what’s right for your pet and situation. Just contact us!

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  • 10+ years battling Brisbane flea issues
  • Highly trained & certified technicians
  • We treat both homes and commercial spaces
  • Flexible booking
  • Upfront quotes-no hidden fees
  • Family-owned local business
  • Pet health and home protection focused
  • Positive reviews
  • Free re-treatment if pests return
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our Locations

We proudly offer flea control across greater Brisbane including:

  • Chermside
  • Newmarket
  • Milton
  • Alderley
  • Ashgrove
  • Enoggera
  • Holland Park
  • Forest Lake

Advanced Flea Pest Control Service

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