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Chemical Termite Barrier with an 8-Year Warranty

Termites attack around one out of three homes in Queensland, due to the general high humidity in the area.

Brisbane is no exception, even if it is a big city.

Old timber homes in particular are in danger of being infested by termites, so you need to install the appropriate termite protection.

At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we can help you and install a barrier around your home.

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Interesting Termite Facts

  • They prefer humid environments (around 70%-80% humidity levels), which makes them very likely to attack an industry in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • These are very clean pests and are not known to carry disease, but they may leave a big mess around them.
  • It takes 2 weeks to hatch but may take up to 7 years to mature. This is why yearly inspections and regular termite protection are necessary.
  • Termite queens can lay one egg every three seconds, which leads to roughly 10 million eggs every year.
  • They have wings, but they only use them when moving the colony. Wings are often discarded after that as they moult.

Pre-Construction Termite Barriers

As one may take from its name, is the type of barrier that gets installed while the house is still under construction. Unless dipped in pesticide, this barrier will not kill the termites. Instead, it will create a physical impediment so that the they will not be able to pass.

The most standard barrier is Termseal – a flexible polymer that creates a membrane on the structure once it cures. This will physically prevent them from going any farther. Termseal is often used together with Greenmesh, a stainless-steel addition that will stop them.

Pipes are also humidity areas, which can attract termites into your home. As a result, when the penetration pipes are installed, termite collars are installed around the pipes. This will stop the them advance.

For pre-construction termite protection to be effective in the long term, it needs to be installed correctly. By calling us, we can offer you the advice that you need.

Post-Construction Termite Barriers

If the home has been built without a physical barrier, the only way to offer your house protection is to install a post-construction barrier. These will deter, kill or monitor termite activity in your place. We can help give your place the appropriate post-construction termite protection.

  • Chemical Termite Barriers

As the name suggests, represent a type of termite treatment that uses chemicals to kill or deter termites. The chemical is placed on the earth, encircling your vicinity so that the termites will not be able to come through.

Out experts use Termidor in order to install a barrier. This slow-acting termiticide will poison the crawlers, only killing it once it comes in contact with other white ants. Chemical barriers must be re-applied once every few years to remain effective.

We are very careful about respecting health and quality standards set by the Government of Queensland, through the Pest Management Act of 2021. When installing a barrier, we respect the following guidelines set by:

  • BCA (Building Code of Australia) and NCC (National Construction Code)
  • Manufacturer instructions when installing a barrier
  • Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2000 – Australian Standard 3660.1 – 2014
  • Information Transparency and Pesticide Product Labelling

A protected property remains free for a longer time. So, our experts will make sure that your place is termite-free for an extended period.

  • Termite Baiting Systems

These are a good alternative if your purpose is to monitor termite activity. Unlike barriers that form a circle around your home, bait systems are placed at strategic points in your yard. Once the it senses the bait, its route will be deterred – so, rather than attacking your home, it will attack the bait.

A bait system will use two types of cartridges, depending on the infestation stage. If there are no termites in your home, a non-toxic bait will be used to monitor activity. If activity is confirmed upon checking the bait, the non-toxic cartridge will be replaced with a toxic one.

The second bait often features a growth inhibitor that will prevent the them from moulting, and the poisoned termite will carry the poison to the colony. The termiticide has a slow action, which means termites will only die after poisoning their entire colony.

Assessing Your Home for Termite Presence

A termite barrier will only be installed on a house that does not have a live infestation, or that has previously received some treatment. If there are termites currently residing in the house, then the barrier will simply block the pest inside the house.

If the termite inspection suggests that your property does not have signs of a live termite infestation, then they will proceed to choose the most appropriate type of protection. We will keep your preferences in mind when choosing a barrier.

If your site previously had termites, then our technicians may recommend the installation of a barrier, as it encircles the house completely. However, if you never had termites before and you just want to play it safe, then a termite bait system may be enough to monitor potential termite activity.

The final price for protection will depend on a variety of factors, such as the clay, the size of your surroundings, and the brand used. For example, if you have a bigger house, then more treatment will be used to encircle the house – which will increase the costs. At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we use Trelona, Exterra, and Sentricon to monitor your house in Gold Coast.

Extras in the house or yard can also affect the average price of protection against termites installation. For example, if there are any pavers, tiles, or concrete paths, then it might give extra work for the pest control technicians.


  1. How Much Does It Cost to Install a Barrier?

Installing this type of termite protection will cost on average around $1500-$3000 per house. We charge $40-$60 per linear meter, depending on the loam.

  1. Will the Termite Protection Hurt My Pets or the Children Playing in the Backyard?

No, it will not affect your pets or children – although the choice of item should be mind for homeowner more carefully. We recommend you keep your pets and children inside until the solution dries.

  1. Will the Termite Protection Wash Off After Rain?

No, once the it has fully cured, it won’t be affected by the rainy season. For full protection, you should not install it on a rainy day or when the soil is wet.

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