Termite Reticulation Systems

Install and Refilling

Termite Reticulation Systems

Brisbane is a city that has high average humidity, putting people at risk of falling under attacks from subterranean termites.

People with timber homes are often aware of this danger, which is why they install termite reticulation systems in the pre-construction stage of their houses.

At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we can help you with the installation of such a system.

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What Is a Termite Reticulation System?

A termite reticulation system is an underground pipe series that you position around the house, with the purpose of providing ongoing protection against termites. The main advantage of a termite reticulation system is that you may replenish it regularly with termiticide, using specialised pumps and termiticides.

These pipes are usually around a maximum of 10 meters in length and have small holes drilled in them every 10 mm. The termiticide will pass through these holes and soak the ground around and under your home in termiticide, deterring or killing any subterranean termites nearing your house.

To put it simply, the system is a mix between a physical barrier and a chemical barrier. The physical construction will allow for the chemical substance to pass with ease, being less expensive than a termite barrier. Instead of digging around the house, the pest controller will only go to the point of entry and pass the termiticide – therefore cutting labour costs.

How Is a Termite Reticulation System Installed?

Termite reticulation systems are added in the post-construction stage of the house, or during renovations. For instance, if you are planning to add an extension to your house (like an extra room), then you may consider using a termite reticulation system as well.

Ideally, a termite reticulation system should be installed by a certified pest controller. For these pipes to offer the best protection, they must be positioned precisely and efficiently. The pest control technician will know how to discuss these plans with the construction workers so that you only get the best results.

Once the termite reticulation system is installed, the termiticide will be passed through the pipes, at which point it will seep into the soil. It’s quicker than reapplying an average termite barrier, and it will not disturb the area around your house.

How to Refill a Termite Reticulation System

Like every other termite barrier that functions with the use of chemicals, you need to refill the system once the effect begins to wear off. Most brands will usually recommend when you should do maintenance or refill the system.

Some termiticides can last up to 3 years – so, before the barrier wears off, you need to add more termiticide. Other brands such as Termidor can last up to 8 years, giving you long-term protection. We use Termidor to refill termite reticulation systems, not only due to its long-term effect but also because of its efficiency.

Filling the termite reticulation can be done by yourself, as long as you have the right protection gear against the chemicals. However, this will put you at the risk of voiding your warranty.

It is recommended to allow a certified pest controller to do it so that you may enjoy the full benefits of the product. At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we can help you refill your termite baiting system.