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Affordable and Humane Bird Pest Control Services

Bird Control Brisbane

EPM Pest Control has unbeatable skills to stop pest birds in Brisbane. For ten plus years, our professional bird control services have helped properties humanely and safely. We know their behaviors, movements and environments locally to provide the best bird removal service.

Our specialists identify exactly which types of birds plague different areas here. We know sparrows, pigeons and starlings well, where they nest and why. This allows us to customise plans per place that resolve problems.

We respect birds ecologically but also mitigate risks they create. As Brisbane’s top rated bird removal company, we install humane deterrents on solar panels, buildings and more that gently stop nesting while avoiding harm. Smart barriers, netting and sealing maintain ethical ties to nature while providing effective bird control solutions to customers.

Phone us to ask about solar panel bird proofing method, nest removal and balanced services tailored to your needs. Let our pest bird control experts ethically solve your problems!

Common Nuisance Birds in Brisbane

Several species tend to be the most problematic in the greater Brisbane area when they become unwelcome guests on your property. Knowing which bird species may afflict your place can help us implement the optimal solutions.


These birds often nest on or under solar panels and air condition units. Their droppings can damage equipment, spread disease, and impact air quality. Removing established nests and sealing off potential entries is key.


A highly invasive species that likes to squeeze through small gaps to nest in attics and wall crevices. Their droppings and feathers spread germs and parasites. Blocking off access points deters them.


Drawn to trash bins and outdoor food scraps. Their territorial nature leads them to nest on roofs and dive bomb people that get close. Removing attractants is vital. Deterrent spikes and bird netting also help.


Extremely messy birds that gather by the thousands during migration season. Their droppings damage solar panels, cars, pools and anything outdoors. Dispersal gel on beams and ledges makes areas uninhabitable.


Highly intelligent and social birds that mob trees and towers in large, loud murder gangs. Mostly problematic due to excessive noise but their dropped meal scraps also attract scavengers. Reflective deterrents help chase them off.

Solar Panel Damage Caused by Birds

Solar power creates clean energy without greenhouse gasses. Unfortunately, native birds drawn to rooftop solar installations cause several costly problems:

  • Droppings reduce solar efficiency by 70% or more over time. Professional cleaning only temporarily restores performance. Preventing access is required.
  • Nests packed with straw, feathers and debris lead to equipment overheating. This melts wiring insulation and fries circuits.
  • Larger birds pecking at their reflection in the glass panels create fractures. Rain seeping in then causes internal shorts and corrosion.

Avoiding thousands in solar equipment repairs and days of lost energy production is where our solar panel proofing service helps.

Health & Safety Reasons for Bird Control

Besides costly damage, pest birds also jeopardise human health and safety in many ways:

Disease Transmission

Bird droppings contain up to 60 types of dangerous pathogens. Inhaling fecal dust causes respiratory illness. Workers cleaning droppings without masks and gloves face grave risks.

Salmonella outbreaks occur when tainted window sills or equipment transmit bacteria. This causes serious digestive illness if ingested. Proper sanitation after nest removal prevents spread.

Slip & Fall Liability

Pools, decks, roofs and walking trails become dangerously slick with accumulated droppings. Workers or visiting clients who slip and fall face potential severe injuries. Preventing access minimises risks.

Fire Hazards

Dry bird nest detritus and droppings that saturate insulation or wiring create combustion hazards. Electrical shorts or sparks can easily ignite this tinder if unchecked. We remove nests that have bird mites to reduce risks.

Customised Bird Control Process

To stop common bird issues, a systematic plan matched to each property is important. We spot all ways birds enter, seal them off, and apply visual deterrents so they stay away.

Inspect Property

Carefully checking everything to know how birds get in is the necessary first step. We examine rooflines, attic openings, air conditioning system units and solar panels to find problem zones. Heat imaging also detects hidden spots. This allows matching solutions.

Remove Birds & Seal Entries

Next, we safely take away existing nests by hand and relocate baby birds to wildlife centers. Then we permanently seal favored holes and gaps birds use with long-lasting materials custom-fit for each place. This might involve metal plates, caulk, foams or even cement for big holes. We tailor plans to needs.

Install Bird Deterrents

To further keep fly-ins from landing around homes and businesses we strategically add deterrents. Spiky anti-roosting strips on ledges make landing hard. Reflective ribbons, ultrasonic sounds or blinking lights also gently repel swooping flocks so spaces stay unattractive to birds. Follow-up care maximizes success.

Common Bird Species We Control

Pigeon Proofing Methods

Trying to control pigeons deserves special attention given the unique challenges involved. Since these urban birds easily blend into cities, a passive and gentle “pigeon management” approach works better than heavy deterrents right away. Starting with simple roost modifications and nest access prevention is best. Then if needed, adding secondary reinforcement options dialed to the minimum effective intensity prevents problems without creating city-wide hazards. Here are some of the proofing techniques we might deploy if warranted:

  • Slope modification of preferred roosting ledges to ≥45o makes balancing impossible
  • Porcupine wire attached under eaves deters landing
  • Concave metal sheeting installed as barriers on beam flats
  • Clear balcony mesh enclosure allows light but blocks physical access
  • Stainless steel bird spikes in rows along conduit runs
  • Chemical bird repellent gel on areas feral pigeons frequent

Why Choose Us?

  • Specialist Experience
  • Pest Control Professional
  • Humane Approaches
  • Natural Solutions First
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Written Service Guarantees
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What does professional bird control service cost?

Since each property and bird problem is unique, prices differ based on solutions needed – from $250 for pigeon spikes to over $3000 for full roof solar panel enclosures. Free quotes give exact costs beforehand.

What Brisbane areas do you serve?

We help properties all across Brisbane and nearby suburbs. Our Brisbane office dispatch center coordinates most jobs, but we may work with rural partners also if required.

How can I prevent future bird problems after removal?

The permanent sealing, nets and spikes we install keep new generations of birds from nesting long-term. But behaviors like leaving out food products or improper trash containment overrides this. So staying vigilant with basic bird prevention also helps.

Can pest control get rid of birds?

Yes, our qualified crew removes birds and nests from properties in a safe and humane manner. We take care in handling wildlife.

What if a bird gets trapped inside my house?

Call us if a bird gets stuck indoors. We humanely extract and relocate them without harm very quickly. Do not panic the bird further by chasing it.

How do you remove bird nests?

Our technicians carefully remove nests by hand wearing protective gear to avoid health risks. We relocate any hatchlings to wildlife rehab facilities.

What are signs my commercial property has a bird infestation?

Indications include nesting materials in gutters/vents, constant chirping sounds, bird droppings covering surfaces and damage/corrosion. Act quickly.

Pigeon Proofing Methods

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