Frequently Asked Questions


Being informed will help you stay protected against future pest infestations. Here are some common questions that EPM Pest Control Brisbane gets, along with their answers:

  1. Why Do I Need Pest Control?

Pest problems can get out of hand very quickly, and a small infestation can become huge and problematic. It can also cause a lot of damage to our homes and discomfort in our lives. Pest control is needed not only to stop a live infestation but also to prevent a future one.

  1. How Often Should I Apply Pest Control?

This depends on the pest, as well as the location. For example, if you’re dealing with termites, a pest inspection is necessary every year, and treatment should be applied every 3-8 years. However, for cockroaches, treatment may need to be reapplied every 3-6 months.

  1. Can I Remain on the Property?

Yes, the pesticides that we use are mainly water-based and are not dangerous for your health. Still, we recommend that you take a walk outside for about 60 minutes if you are pregnant or have babies. Pest control is usually only toxic when it’s wet, and one hour will usually be enough for the product to dry in a ventilated space.

  1. Do I Need to Make Preparations for Treatment?

This depends on the areas that are getting treated. For instance, if you are applying a termite barrier around your home, you will likely not have to do anything. However, if you are applying live treatment inside your home, then you should make sure your home is neat. Clear out any space that is to receive treatment, and move the furniture away from the walls.

  1. Will My Pets Be In Danger?

Once the pesticide dries, your pets are completely safe. You should keep them away from the treated area for about 2 hours until the pest control dries. Once that happens, there should be no issue. Every type of pest control is different, and the pest controller will advise whether you need to take your pet away or not.

  1. What Type of Treatment Is Used on Termites?

There are several types of treatments to be used on termites, from live treatment to termite barriers and termite baiting systems. At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we use Termidor in order to get rid of termites, along with other useful tools.

  1. Do I Need a Pest Inspection?

This depends on the structure that you own. If you have a commercial establishment, then you are required by the law to conduct a pest inspection at the appointed times. If it’s a residence and you live there, the choice is up to you – but doing pest inspections regularly can help save your home.

  1. How Much Does Pest Treatment Cost?

The cost for pest control will depend on various factors such as the size of your home, the severity of the infestation, and the type of pest that you are dealing with. On average, it costs around $145 and $450 to hire a pest controller.