How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

Everything You Need to Know About Pest Control Costs

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

If you’ve noticed ants trailing through your kitchen, possums scurrying across your roof, or worse, telltale termite damage, you may be wondering what pest control will cost you. Pest problems always seem to pop up at the worst times. Expect to pay $250 to $700 on average for pest control services. That depends on factors like the size of your home and type of pests that need addressing.

Not to worry! In this guide, We’ll walk through average prices for common pest services so you know exactly what to budget for. Whether it’s roaches, rodents, or scary spiders causing chaos, there are always effective and affordable pest control options available in your area.

Average Costs by Service Type

Here’s what Brisbane homeowners are typically paying for pest control services:

General interior/exterior treatment$250 – $350
Termite inspection$250
Termite spot treatment$180 – $250
Bee/wasp nest removal$150 – $350
Ant removal$200 – $250
Cockroach removal$250 – $350
Spider removal$280 – $400
Possums removal$300 – $400
Rodent removal$250 – $350
Flea & tick treatment$250 – $350
Bird nest removal$500+
Snake removal$350+
Bed bug removal$300 – $500
Carpet beetle treatment$200 – $300
Dust mite treatment$250 – $400
Tick pest control$300 – $450
Silica gel treatments$250 – $350
Air purification services$300+


Prices also depend heavily on the size of your home. Here’s what to roughly budget for based on square footage:

3 bedroom home: $200 – $300

4 bedroom home: $300 – $400

5+ bedroom home: $400+

Let’s go into more detail on addressing some of the most troublesome pests. We’ll look first at…

The Most Common Pests

Queensland’s warm climate means tons of creepy crawlers want to share our living space! Here are 10 pests responsible for the majority of calls to exterminators:

1. Termites

We know termites pose a constant threat. In addition to costly structural damage, they munch through furniture, flooring, and wood trims. Termite control costs between $250 to $300 per year to ensure no infestations take hold.

2. Ants

Tough to eliminate entirely, a thorough ant treatment runs around $250. With proper sanitation and re-treatment every 3 months, ants can be managed.

3. Cockroaches

Disgusting! Roach treatments typically cost $250 to $350. Bait and insecticide spray combos work well to clear them out .

4. Spiders

Though most Aussie spiders won’t hurt you, no one wants to share their home with the creepy crawlies. Seasonal interior and exterior web removal costs $280 to $400.

5. Bees/Wasps

Getting stung is no fun – and swarms spell serious trouble. Safe beehive removal runs $150 for small jobs to $350 for complex ones. Prevent nest rebuilding with outdoor residual sprays.

6. Possums

Adorable but destructive house guests! Evicting possums runs around $300 to $400 including sealing off their access point.

7. Rats & Mice

The ultimate unwanted housemates! Effective rodent removal costs $250 to $350. Follow up interior treatments prevent repeat visits.

8. Fleas & Ticks

Tough to spot until they bite, these blood suckers easily overtake properties. One-time treatment plus 90 days protection runs $250 to $350.

9. Birds

Their nests can create serious hazards, not to mention tons of damage. Getting rid of them humanely starts around $500 depending on nest size and location.

10. Snakes

Though rare inside homes, venomous snakes near housing pose danger. Humane capture and removal is $350 minimum – but identifying entry points is key.

As you can see, pests run the gamut from mere annoyances to serious health and property hazards. The good news? Effective treatments are available for them all.

The Most Common Pests

Average Pest Control Costs: Major Australian Cities Comparison

Professional pest control service costs can vary quite a bit depending on which part of Australia you reside in. Here is an overview of average service costs in 5 of Australia’s biggest cities:

CityCost Range
Sydney$250 – $500
Melbourne$200 – $450
Brisbane$250 – $700
Perth$275 – $575
Adelaide$225 – $475


Why the cost differences? Key factors like local wages, service demand, and which pests are most prominent in that city all impact pricing.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how common house pest threats differ across Australia and what cities tend to pay more as a result:

  • Sydney: High termite risk drives more prevention costs. Also elevated bed bug and rodent problems.
  • Melbourne: Cooler climate means fewer issues overall. Fleas and spiders more common.
  • Brisbane: As a subtropical zone, sustained high temps enable diverse pests year-round – plus tropical invaders.
  • Perth: Another hotspot for termites which boosts control rates. Ants and flies also prolific.
  • Adelaide: Heat keeps pest populations consistent. Termite prevention is critical for homeowners.

The takeaway? Where you live and what thrives there definitely makes a difference cost-wise! Understanding your local pest risks is key to smart budgeting.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Pest Control

Several important factors can cause pest control prices to be higher or lower for your specific situation:

1. Types of Pest

More difficult to eradicate pests mean more intensive methods and specialty tools needed. For example, fumigation costs exponentially more than ant chemical spray due to greater complexity involved.

2. Size of Infestation

If the invasion covers a large area or population size, more applications of product is required to address the issue. A small flea problem may only be $200 whereas a full home takeover could be $500+.

3. Size and Accessibility of Property

Treatment costs scale up the larger the home, with more product and longer service time required. Access challenges like height, limited entrances, or safety restrictions also tack on fees.

4. Prevention vs One-Time Treatment

Preventative costs exceed single visits focused on elimination only. But prevention results in massive long term savings by avoiding major outbreaks.

5. Conventional vs Eco Pest Control

As covered previously, companies specializing only in natural and eco-friendly treatment typically charge a premium vs conventional methods.

The Takeaway

Many elements specific to your place and its issues will sway pricing up or down. Reaching out for customized quotes rather than estimates ensures you get the full picture!

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

These days, we’re all more aware of how pesticides affect kids, pets and our local wildlife. So how do eco-friendly options stack up cost-wise?

Natural approaches cost slightly more – roughly $100+ extra per treatment. Why pay more? The appeal is avoiding chemicals combined with targeted solutions that not only kick pests out but also deter their return.

Instead of spraying toxins, green methods use:

  • Physical barriers like copper mesh, sand, or crushed glass
  • Biological controls like beneficial insects or microbial products
  • Botanical products like essential oils or plant extracts

Though pricier, natural pest companies can eliminate invaders without harming family or environment.

Key Takeaway: While chemicals get fast results, green approaches better protect what we value most – on average budget $100+ more per pest control treatment.

Termite Control, Inspection & Treatment Costs

Termites are responsible for more structural damage claims than fires, floods, and storms combined yearly! That’s why both pest treatment and prevention are so important in our region.

Regular termite inspections cost $250 per assessment. Use an experienced inspector to thoroughly examine both home interior and exterior annually.

For newer homes, termite barriers can provide excellent protection. Installing a system pre-construction runs around $2500 while post-construction installation is $3000+. DIY barrier options cost less but are more prone to improper application.

If they do take hold, spot treatment costs $180 to $250 depending on scope. This includes excavating the damaged area, eliminating the colony, and installing a targeted chemical barrier to control that specific outbreak.

For severe long-term infestations, fumigation to saturate entire home structures may be required – at a much higher cost.

Key Takeaway: White ants pose big risks for Queenslanders. Protection through annual pest inspections plus proper barriers saves major headaches down the road, budget $250 per year at minimum.

Possum Removal & Deterrent Costs

With bushy tails and cute smiles, possums capturing hearts doesn’t seem too tall of an order! But their nighttime antics traipsing across your roof can sure disrupt beauty sleep.

When it comes time to evict pesky possums, typical service costs fall between $300 to $400 including:

  • Humane trapping
  • Relocation away from homesite
  • Sealing off exterior access holes

Roof and ceiling repairs may cost extra if substantial damage exists.

The key to keep them from returning? Eliminating re-entry altogether. Since possums return to familiar territories, they will just keep coming back if they can access your attic or ceiling space. High quality exclusion work is essential.

For a 12 month guarantee, expect invest $350 to $400. DIY may seem cheaper, but damage from repeated break-ins usually negates any savings.

Key Takeaway: With careful exclusion repairs by pros, humane eviction, and sealing access, possums don’t have to pester you every night.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Pest Control

Choosing a Pest Control Company

Hiring a qualified Brisbane pest technician ensures effective treatment without safety risks to your family and home. Before choosing an exterminator, ask good questions like:

  • Are all your technicians licensed?
  • What chemicals or natural products do you use?
  • Do you offer household pest removal guarantees?
  • What safety measures do you take during service?
  • Do you have references from local homeowners?

Also look for responsive communication, clear quotes outlining services, and established reputation. We recommend EPM Pest Control Brisbane for their quality treatment plans with family and pet safe options.

The Bottom Line

No one wants to imagine pests sharing our homes! But in Australia’s climate, occasional infestations do happen no matter how careful we may be. Just remember, with the right pest controller helping tackle invaders, you gain peace of mind that the problem is solved, both effectively and affordably.


Looking to buy a property? Investing $250+ for a pre purchase pest inspection by a licensed pest control expert is always wise. Identifying expensive invaders like termites or dangerous ones like venomous spiders early allows you to negotiate seller treatment/credits – or avoid purchasing a problem property altogether! Don’t skip this crucial step when evaluating any real estate transaction.