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Termite Inspections in Brisbane

Worried about termites? Call the termite inspection experts on 07 3132 3773 for peace of mind. Our termite specialists have over 10 years experience dealing with subterranean termites. We are fully licensed and insured to inspect Brisbane properties and uncover the presence of termite activity.

What are Termites?

Termites are destructive wood-eating insects that can cause serious structural damage to your home. You can’t always see them as they burrow deep into wall cavities and other hidden spaces. Annual inspections by a professional pest controller are essential to detect termite activity early.

Why Yearly Timber Pest Inspections are Vital

  • Termites can enter your home undetected and cause major damage over time. Annual inspections safeguard your property.
  • We check all interior and exterior areas for any signs of termite activity. Early detection is key!
  • If we do uncover termites, we advise on best treatment methods to eradicate the colony and prevent further attack.

Peace of mind comes from having effective termite protection. Don’t risk extensive repairs down the track – book your termite inspection in Brisbane today!

Our qualified pest managers thoroughly inspect all susceptible areas including:

  • Interior areas – skirting boards, architraves, furnishings
  • Exterior areas – foundations, decking, fencing, trees
  • Roof spaces, sub floors and other concealed spots

Peace of Mind Policy

EPM Pest Control offers warranty on all our work. We won’t stop until the termites are gone! With a 100% satisfaction record over 10 years, you can trust us to rid your home of termites once and for all.

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Beat the spring rush and contact us today to book your home termite inspection. Our expert pest managers operate 7 days and will provide a comprehensive report on any termite activity found plus recommended treatment plans.

Call us on 07 3132 3773 to book your inspection today!

Termite Detection Tools

Our expert pest inspectors use:

  • FLIR Thermal Imaging – Identifies moisture and temperature changes indicating termite activity hidden behind walls.
  • Tramex Moisture Meters– Pinpoint moisture levels in wood and other materials ideal for termites to feast on.
  • Termatrac T3i – State-of-the-art all sensor device detecting the faintest termite movement behind structures.
  • Borescope – A camera on a flexible cable to see into cramped spaces for signs of termite infestations.

Quality Inspections

All inspections follow the latest Australian standard AS 3660.2-2017 for termite assessments. This strict standard sets out the procedures for conducting thorough inspections of buildings. We check for traces of subterranean termite activity and conditions conducive to termite attack.

Same Day Termite Reports

After the inspection, we provide a clear digital report images. It summarizes all findings and recommended actions to keep your property termite-free. Fast reports available within 2 Hours.

What Happens if we find Termites?

Termite Treatment Services

Once they are confirmed during the treatment, our termite control technicians at EPM termite treatment company will offer one or a combo of the following management services.

  1. Live Termite Treatment

In case you have a live colony of termites in your property, the first thing that you should do is apply live treatment. Unless this step is taken first, it will only end up trapping the entire colony inside the site. The live treatment will set a clean slate for your building so that you may move on to the next steps.

  1. Termite Barriers

Once the they are killed through live treatment, the next step should be to install a termite barrier. This will form a circle of termiticide around your home so that the pest is either deterred or killed if it tries to pass.

We use Termidor to create a chemical barrier. It can kill trespassers, as well as the termites that come into contact with it.

  1. Termite Baiting Systems

A good alternative solution to a classic termite barrier is a termite baiting system, which puts several baits at a fair distance from the house in your yard. These systems use two cellulose cartridges: a non-toxic and a toxic one. The non-toxic cartridge is placed first, to monitor termite activity.

Once the activity is confirmed, the non-toxic bait is replaced with toxic bait, which is untraceable to type of termites. This will poison the them coming to feed, eventually killing them. We use Trelona, Exterra, and Sentricon baits to monitor activity.


  • Annual termite inspections
  • Pre-purchase termite inspections
  • Termite detection and identification
  • Termite Control
  • Thermal imaging inspections
  • Moisture meter testing
  • Targeted spray treatments for active infestations

Why Choose Us

  • 10 years experience with Homes and Business
  • Fully licensed, qualified, and insured Technicians
  • Latest Technology
  • Advanced detection tools
  • Same Day Reports
  • Reliable and Trusted
  • Flexible booking times
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Fast response times – we can inspect your home ASAP
  • Free Quotes


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