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Commercial buildings have a lot of high foot traffic and multiple open doors.

As a result, the possibility of pests getting into these areas is much higher.

Commercial pest control is essential if you wish to keep your building free of these pests.

At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we can address every problem that your business may have.

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Experience, Licenses, and Insurance

At us, we have received our license and registration from the Queensland Government Department of Health, following the regulations set through the Pest Management Act of 2001.

We have more than 10 years of experience to ensure the services you receive are of top quality, and all of our pest technicians are covered by public liability insurance.

Services Provided

  1. Strata

Nuisance can be a great problem in the strata industry. Not only may it affect the health of the people living or working there, but it may also lead to complaints and loss of contracts. It is essential to keep your buildings free of any kind of pest, to reduce these unpleasant circumstances for your tenants.

  1. Offices

An office that has a pest problem will experience various interruptions. Some may be emotional, as the people will not be able to work comfortably. Others will be physical, like a chewed cable preventing the office workers from doing their job. Commercial pest control company is essential to ensure there are no such disturbances in the workflow.

  1. Retail Shops

Retail shops are predisposed to having problems, mainly due to the stored items, but also because of foot traffic. As people are coming in and out of the shops, it gives pests opportunities to come inside. At us, we aim to treat your retail shops so that invaders such as cockroaches, bird do not see them as attractive hangout spots.

  1. Shopping Centres

Due to their sheer size and the number of clients that they get, shopping centres represent the perfect spot for annoyance to settle in. With people disposing of rubbish in multiple areas and doors opening and closing constantly, invaders will make their way inside the shopping centre – and later on, in the storage units.

Without proper commercial control, the  will not only destroy important storage products but also the shopping centre’s reputation.

  1. Restaurants

Restaurants are a high risk for pest problems, due to the amounts of food left in storage and the leftovers that usually reach the dumpsters. These bugs will eventually make their way into the restaurant, making the guests uncomfortable and ruining your reputation. To reduce these issues, it is essential to hire control services regularly, as the treatments can discourage pests from coming inside.

  1. Schools and Universities

Schools and universities in Gold coast are (in)famous for having problems, especially around the dorm areas. With students littering everywhere and open doors all but inviting them in, it is easy for a pest infestation to break out.

Regular control is necessary to deter rodents such as cockroaches and mice, which can affect the health and comfort levels of the people on the grounds.

  1. Childcare

Children need a safe and clean environment to play in. They don’t always know that candy dropped on the floors is not edible, just like they might not know that they shouldn’t suck their thumbs after playing on the floor. Commercial control is essential to ensure children do not catch illnesses carried by mice, protecting their health as well as the staff.

  1. Hotels

Hotels in Sunshine Coast can also be an epicentre for professional pest control issues, mainly due to the visitors coming and going from the place. These guests may bring various annoyance such as bed bugs, fleas, ticks, and many more. The high foot traffic and the storage areas may also make it easy for rats and cockroaches to come inside. Commercial pest control team may get rid of these issues so that your guests have a comfortable stay.

  1. Government

Government facilities have many archives and storage areas. As a result, they represent the perfect spot for silverfish, German cockroaches, and mice to gather. Commercial control service is essential to ensure no important items are destroyed by these unwanted pests. Frequent treatment plan is also required so that government workers don’t have their health compromised.

Importance of Regular Control

Regardless of the corporation that you are operating in, you must conduct regular control on the commercial property. Not only is this action crucial for your reputation, but it may also protect the health of your clients.

If the Department of Health receives complaints that a premise has a problem, they will immediately send an inspector. Depending on the findings, they may even decide to close it altogether.

By having an expert from EPM Pest Control Brisbane do an effective pest control check and treatment, you prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

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