Customer Testimonials

We are always happy to receive feedback from our clients after a job. Here are a few testimonials that our customers left for us.

  1. Ruby Jackson – Great Professionalism!

Communication was flawless, and I could tell they knew what they were doing. They booked us very fast, and my pest problem went away soon after.

  1. Liam Marin – Top-Notch Services

EPM Pest Control Brisbane really knows how to look after their customers. After spraying our home against a rodent infestation, they even gave us advice for future pest control. Huge thanks!

  1. Anna Grey – Greatly Recommended

These guys regularly do the pest inspections at my restaurant. Never had any problems, thanks!

  1. Logan Lewis – Good Job!

A technician from EPM Pest Control Brisbane came to our home and did a termite inspection. They were very timely, and the report was also highly detailed.

  1. Tyler Black – No More Fleas!

My dogs managed to bring fleas into the house, and it was driving everyone insane. These guys came in and offered a fair price for the flea treatment. The house is now flea-free, and we can sleep without wanting to scratch ourselves into tomorrow.

  1. Emilia Murphy – Highly Responsive and Effective

I had the beginning of a termite infestation that threatened my home. These guys came in, sprayed the house against termites, and then installed a termite barrier. They made my home safe now.

  1. Katie Jackson – Great Customer Service

The customer support was top-notch for these guys, and they also know how to get a job well done. I had a problem with black house spiders continuously coming inside my home, and I called these guys in to spray the house. Bonus points for finding an egg sack that would have likely hatched in the next few days. The nightmares are over now, thanks!

  1. Isaac Blair – Huge Thanks!

The technician they sent was a pretty nice guy, very friendly and highly knowledgeable. I would hire again once the pesticide wears off.

  1. Christian Blair – Bye to Rodents

There was a rodent nest in my house that was chewing through everything in sight, including the electrical wiring. They offered various methods to remove the mice, and we chose to capture them rather than kill them. They were great, and also gave me a few pointers on how to keep the mice away in the future.

  1. Claudia Bennett – Effective and Professional Services

I had cockroaches scaring the living daylight out of me each time I walked around the house at night. These gents came in, applied their treatment, and the cockroaches were completely gone within the first few days. Thanks, my house even feels cleaner now!

  1. Ella Tran – Professional and Very Helpful!

These guys booked me in based on my schedule, which was of great help. They arrived on time at my house, and the whole process didn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Overall, I’m really happy with their services.

  1. Lisa Catlin – Would Use Again

I called these guys in for an ant problem. They found the nest, sprayed it out, treated the rest of the home, and gave us advice. Would definitely use the service again if the treatment wears off and the ants come back.