Termite Control

Termite Treatment and Prevention

Queensland’s humidity levels are generally very high, which puts Brisbane at a risk for termite attacks.

To ensure your home is well-protected, you need to apply treatment as soon as possible.

At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, our termite specialist can help you out.

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Experience and Licensing

We are fully licensed by the Queensland Government Department of Health, following the regulations of the Pest Management Act of 2001. Our pest controllers also have years of experience backing them and have public liability insurance. This aids in the peace of mind of our customers.

Why Treatment Is Important

There are several reasons why you should apply treatment as soon as possible, including:

  1. High Humidity Levels

In Brisbane Northside, during the rainy season, humidity levels can go as high as 70%. They love this kind of humidity, so without proper treatment, a timber home would be like a table inviting the insects for a feast.

  1. Repairs Are Expensive

While it may cost a bit to hire someone to apply treatment, it won’t be as expensive as the repairs you may have to cover without it. The structural damage costs caused by these destructive pests can reach thousands of dollars, and even more for bigger places in Sunshine Coast.

  1. Termites Multiply Fast

While it may take several years for them to mature, the eggs are laid very fast. The termite queen may lay one egg every three seconds – and without treatment, this can grow in a colony that will destroy your entire house.

Types of Treatment Available

We offer several types of termite control, including the following:

  1. Live Spraying

Live spraying is an essential step in case a termite colony has been confirmed. During termite treatment plan, a termiticide will be sprayed over the colony, where termite presence has been detected. They will die, along with the eggs and their queen. This step is essential to do before the placement of termite protection.

  1. Termite Barriers

It forms a protective circle around the house and are installed on houses where there is no presence (lest they become trapped on the property). Depending on the chemicals used, they would either be deterred by the scent or killed once they come in contact with it.

We use range of  Termidor to form a barrier – a termiticide that is untraceable to termites, but which can kill them after contact.

  1. Termite Baiting Systems

They are the preferred option when monitoring termite activity. The system involves placing several baits on your property, at a fair distance from your house, to intercept the invaders, confirm a potential termite infestation – and afterward, eliminate it. At us, we use Sentricon, Trelona, and Exterra baits to monitor activity.

  1. Termite Reticulation Systems

It represents a combination between a physical termite barrier and a chemical one. A pipe system is a technology installed during the construction phase of the house, which delivers chemical treatment underneath your business. This will prevent subterranean termites from attacking your site’s reputation.

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