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What is Termidor?

Termidor is a powerful termite killer. It gets rid of termites in your home. It is made by BASF. They are experts in pest control.

Termidor works in two ways. First, it kills termites on contact. When termites touch it, they die. Second, it spreads to the whole colony. Termites feed and groom each other. So when a few touch Termidor, it spreads to the rest. This wipes out the entire termite colony under and around your home.

How Does Termidor Work?

Termidor is liquid termiticide. Our licensed pros inject it into the soil near your home. It soaks deep into the ground where termites live.

When termites tunnel and dig near treated areas, they pick up Termidor. Once it is in their systems, they die. Worker termites also carry it back to the colony and queen. This allows the poison to spread. Soon, the entire colony is gone.

What Are the Benefits of Termidor?

Termidor offers many perks:

  • It starts killing termites in minutes. Fast results means less damage to your home.
  • It wipes out whole colonies. You don’t have to keep treating again and again.
  • It keeps working for years. Termidor stays effective in the soil killing termites.
  • It has a low odor. Termidor won’t make your home smelly.
  • It is safe when dry. Once dry, it won’t harm kids or pets.

What is the $2 Million Dollar Assurance Warranty?

We back Termidor with a $2 million warranty. This is for repair costs if termites return. To qualify, you need annual inspections. If termites come back, we will pay to fix the damage. We are that sure Termidor will get rid of termites for good!

We are Accredited Termidor Applicators

Our pros are trained and accredited by BASF. We know the right way to apply Termidor. You can trust we will treat your home effectively.

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