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Termite infestations can cause a lot of damage to every home, with one out of three homes in Brisbane falling victim to termite attacks. As a result, you need to use the right termiticide to protect your house.

At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we use Termidor to prevent attacks from subterranean termites – the predominant species of termites in Brisbane. The product is highly efficient in stopping a termite colony from destroying your property.

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What Is Termidor and How Does It Work?

It is a pesticide in liquid form, used to control an ongoing infestation and prevent one from occurring in the future. It can be applied in various ways, from termite barriers to termite reticulation systems and live spraying.

This solution is not noticeable by these crawlers, which means it doesn’t act as a deterrent. However, it acts as a carrier slow-acting poison for termites, killing the insects, soil micro organism, earth worm and others that come into contact with it.

The active ingredient used in it is called Fipronil, a growth inhibitor that prevents the termite population from moulting. The individual termites won’t die right away but will carry the solution to the nest, transferring it from termite to termite until it reaches the queen. When the ample time comes to moult, it will be unable to – and therefore, will die.

Safety When Using Termidor

For the most part, it is a product that is completely safe to use. It is water-based and odourless. This means that it will not cause any damage to the landscape (for instance, your flower beds).

Some ingredients in Termidor foam are used for flea control, meaning that it is not a dangerous option for your pet. However, technicians recommend that you allow the product to dry first before letting your pets near the termite control barrier. When it is still wet, it may retain some level of toxicity.

Termidor Warranty Guide

Homeowners in Australia are greatly exposed to termite damage, which is why they only want the best kind of termite protection to keep their house safe. For this reason, it offers a “2 million assurance” for people living in Australia for control of termites.

As the name suggests, this agreement covers damage costs up to $2 million, in case your house gets attacked while still supposedly under the protection of Termidor dust. For the undertaking to apply, pest inspections must be conducted every year, and an Accredited Termidor Application has to apply the product for long term residual control.

At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, all of our pest controllers have their Accredited Termidor certification for the elimination of termite activity. We have all the knowledge necessary to protect your commercial situation accordingly, so that you may rest assured.