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Looking to Get Rid of Termites in Brisbane? Termite baiting is a effective solution to monitor and prevent subterranean termite colonies.

Dealing with a termite infestation can be stressful and costly if not treated properly. As Brisbane’s top termite removal experts, we have over 10 years of experience getting rid of termites through effective termite baiting.

What Are Termite Baits?

Termite baits are pesticide delivery systems designed to eliminate entire colonies. They consist of in-ground bait stations. They’re filled with cellulose material laced with slow-acting poisons. Foraging termites discover the bait as a food source. They eat it and take it back to feed the rest of the nest. Once consumed by enough termites, the toxins spread, eventually killing off the queen, workers, soldiers and hatchlings. As all remnants of the colony die off, the infestation is fully terminated at its root. So your home remains protected from future attack. Unlike liquid soil treatments that only repel and scatter visible invaders, baits provide ongoing prevention after wiping out nests completely. They offer a proactive and environmentally responsible solution.

Why Termite Baiting is the Best Solution

Termites can cause major structural damage before you even notice them. Trying to treat an infestation yourself with over-the-counter products rarely works. Termite baiting helps eliminate termite colonies at the source before they multiply.

Our termite baiting system is designed to mimic the natural termite colony. Active termites are lured to the above-ground bait stations where they feast on the cellulose material inside. They also ingest a slow-acting insecticide that gets carried back to the rest of the colony. Over time, the whole colony is eliminated from the inside out.

Termite Baiting Systems We Use


Trelona termite bait from BASF uses the active ingredient noviFLON, a non-repellent insecticide that termites cannot detect. The termites feed freely on the cardboard bait matrix, allowing noviFLON to spread throughout the colony over time.

Trelona utilizes an above-ground bait station design that houses the replaceable bait cartridges. Some key benefits of Trelona:

  • Weather-resistant bait stations for above ground monitoring
  • Non-repellent insecticide allows termites to freely feed
  • Locking bait cartridges prevent tampering
  • Low toxicity and odor
  • Kills subterranean termites slowly, allowing spread through the colony

Sentricon AlwaysActive

The Sentricon termite baiting system from Dow AgroSciences uses Recruit IV as the active ingredient. Recruit IV contains noviflumuron, which inhibits the production of chitin in termites. This leads to a breakdown of their exoskeleton over time.

Key features of Sentricon:

  • In-ground bait stations allow discreet monitoring
  • Recruit IV is a chitin synthesis inhibitor causing slow but effective kill
  • Low toxicity to mammals, fish and birds
  • Stainless steel design resists corrosion
  • Tamper-resistant bait cartridges
  • Prevent Termite Damage


Exterra termite bait by Ensystex uses the active ingredient Requiem, which contains the borate compound disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT). Requiem disrupts the termites’ digestive system when ingested over time, leading to death.

The bait matrix in Exterra stations consists of alpha-cellulose, a purified form of cellulose that is highly palatable to termites. This helps ensure ready feeding on the Exterra baits.

Key features of the Exterra baiting system:

  • Requiem borate-based insecticide is low toxicity and eco-friendly
  • Alpha-cellulose bait matrix is readily consumed by termites
  • Causes mortality within days after termites begin feeding
  • Can be used above-ground or in-ground
  • Long 10-year field life of bait stations


Termite Baits vs Liquid Treatments

Termite baiting is safer, more eco-friendly, and more effective than liquid soil treatments. Liquid termiticides can leach into soil and groundwater. Termites can also develop resistance to these chemicals over time if not applied properly.

Baits provide targeted elimination of the entire colony from the inside out. There’s no messy drilling or soil contamination. Termite baits are the best option for effective control with minimal environmental impact.


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