Termite Baiting System Brisbane

Trusted Termite Baits By Sentricon, Exterra and Trelona

Termite baiting systems are a good way to protect your home from a potential termite invasion.

They can stop the termites right in their tracks and prevent them from making their way toward your home.

They will be attracted to the bait and feast on it, which will signal an incipient termite infestation.

At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we use our termite bait systems to put a stop to an infestation before it even starts.

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Brands We Recommend

There are various high-quality brands of termite bait systems that can help you monitor and stop them in their track. At us, we use the following brands.

  1. Trelona

Trelona is a termite bait system that uses compressed cellulose, which is several times more attractive to the pest than regular timber from your home.

The bait is laced with Novaluron, a growth inhibitor that synthesizes upon consumption and prevents these insects from moulting. Termites need to moult in order to grow. So, if they find themselves unable to do so, they will die.

  1. Sentricon

Like Trelona, Sentricon also uses a growth inhibitor to stop an incipient infestation. A properly installed Sentricon bait can eliminate an entire colony of subterranean termites before they even reach your home.

Sentricon uses a growth inhibitor and features an ActiveAlways technology that will deter the nuisance from your home and attract them to the bait.

  1. Exterra

If you’d like to go green with your termite bait system and do not want to use chemicals, then Exterra may be a good choice for you. People with children and pets often prefer it, due to its low toxicity level.

Exterra uses the FOCUS Termite Attractant™ to deter the termites from their path, and the REQUIEM® tech to exterminate them completely.

How Termite Baiting Systems Work

It a two-stage action. The first stage is to monitor potential termite activity. The second stage comes when presence is confirmed – and here, they are eliminated in the soil.

We place them in homes where they are no longer present. If you had infestation before, a system will prevent survivors from returning and once more infesting your home.

Below you may find the stages for the action of a ba.

  1. Monitoring Stage

During this stage, the system uses non-toxic cellulose bait meant to attract these creepy crawlers. These baits use multiple technologies such as pheromones and other substances, making the bait several times more attractive to a them. Rather than going for your home, they will raid the bait.

The baits are checked regularly, to see if isoptera got to them. If they show signs of being chewed on or you even see the white ant themselves, then it is time to refill it with a different type of bait. This leads to stage two of the system.

  1. Extermination Stage

Once presence has been confirmed, the non-toxic bait will be replaced with the toxic type – a bait laced with a growth inhibitor. At this point, many from the termite colony are already feeding on the bait, so when they come back, they will consume the poison.

The growth inhibitor is unnoticeable to the them, so they will bring the termiticide back to their colony. The growth inhibitor will transfer from termite to termite until it eventually reaches the queen. Before long, this will terminate the entire colony.

Pro Tip: One thing that you need to remember is that for the termite bait station to be efficient, you need to position it correctly. If the baits are too close to the house, then you risk the attackers discovering your home. If they’re too far, then they may just end up missing the baits.

This is why a professional is necessary to install these baits. They have experience, so they know exactly where to put the system so that it’s “just right.” We can help position your termite baiting systems properly, eliminating a potential foraging termite problem.


  1. Can You Refill a Termite Baiting System Yourself?

Technically speaking, you may refill the system by yourself, as long as you know how to do it. That being said, we recommend leaving things in the hands of an expert. Not only will you need the appropriate protective gear but refilling it by yourself may cause you to lose your warranty. Even with the extra fees, calling in a professional may still be the more cost-effective solution.

  1. How Much Does the Installation of a Bait Cost?

Installing a termite bait system in Gold Coast starts at around $2500 and can go as high as $3500. For the most part, it depends on the size of the house, the brand that you go for, along with the fees of the company.

  1. Are There Any Ongoing Fees to Keep in Mind?

Unlike regular termite barriers, a bait needs regular maintenance – something that can add up in costs. You may have to pay around $800 in termite maintenance every year, especially if you live in an area that is prone to active termite attacks. At EPM Pest Control Brisbane, we will offer you the best prices.

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