Top 10 Importance of Pest Control

Advantages of Professional Pest Control

Being a homeowner, have you ever suspected something has been eating away at your home?

Mice, rats, termites? Well, then it’s time to call EPM Pest Control Brisbane. The benefits of pest control are undeniable.

Not only can it provide safety and health, and a pest-free home, but also provide protection from property destruction.

Having knowledgeable pest control experts help control pests will make such a difference in your home.

No more worry about local wildlife stealing your food or house fire risk due to rat infestation.

Professional Pest Control

Hiring professional pest control services and pest control technicians is the most effective integrated pest management and smart pest control method to eliminate pests and keep them from coming back. In particular, exterminators are trained to find where pests are getting in, safely eliminate them, and take proactive steps to keep them out.

Furthermore, they have access to commercial-grade pesticides and baits that are much stronger and more effective than anything available to consumers for retail purchase. Professional services provide customised plans to eradicate pests through regular pest control and offer ongoing prevention of future infestations.

1. Protect Health from Pest-Spread Diseases

As discussed earlier, pests can spread many serious diseases causing health issues. Therefore, protecting your family’s health should be the top reason to invest in pest control. Specifically, diseases like West Nile, malaria, hantavirus, and salmonella can be debilitating or even fatal in some cases. Especially vulnerable are children, the elderly, and those with weakened immune systems.

2. Stop Damage to Home and Belongings

Additionally, pests like termites and carpenter ants can silently damage the structural integrity of your home if left unchecked costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Also, rats and mice can destroy insulation, gnaw through walls, and chew electrical wiring and electrical cable damaging the home’s electrical system. Moreover, cockroaches contaminate belongings with their droppings and shed skins. Consequently, investing in regular pest control helps safeguard your home and possessions from ongoing, costly property damage.

3. Prevent Contamination of Food

Pantry pests like flour beetles, grain moths, carpet beetles and weevils can infest dried goods and make them unusable causing waste of food supply. Furthermore, fruit flies and cockroaches leave traces wherever they crawl. Also, rats and mice defecate all over surfaces. Therefore, a thorough pest control treatment eliminates any scrap eating pests in your kitchen or pantry to protect food stores.

4. Avoid Spreading Pests to Neighbors

Moreover, failing to control pests on your property can allow them to migrate and infest neighboring homes. In particular, termites will look for new food sources if eliminated from one home. Being respectful of neighbors and preventing this scenario is an ethical reason to diligently address a pest problem.

5. Sleep Better at Night

Many homeowners lose sleep when pests are present. Specifically, the scurrying of mice in walls and attics is very audible at night. Even worse are biting insects like bed bugs that come out at night looking for a meal and causing discomfort. Consequently, undergoing pest control allows you to sleep peacefully knowing pests have been effectively eliminated.

6. Spend Less Money on Food

Additionally, pantry moth larvae, flour beetles, grain weevils and carpet beetles can get into dried goods and render them useless causing waste of food supply. Any homeowner who has had to throw out a contaminated 25 pound bag of rice or box of pasta knows how wasteful this is costing money. Therefore, investing in regular pest control helps avoid losing thousands of dollars spent on food items.

7. Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Furthermore, pests produce droppings, hairs, and other detritus that can aggravate allergy symptoms, especially for children. Specifically, mice produce up to 40 droppings per day and cockroaches produce up to 200 times per day. Consequently, eliminating pests reduces allergy triggers inside the home.

8. Enjoy Entertaining Guests Again

Moreover, no one wants to host guests and find cockroaches scurrying around the kitchen or ants crawling on the countertops. Clearly, pest infestations can be embarrassing and difficult to hide. Therefore, undergoing pest control allows you to comfortably host family and friends again without fear of pests.

9. Maintain Your Home’s Value

Additionally, a pest infestation that is left uncontrolled can lower your home’s value upon selling by thousands of dollars. In particular, savvy buyers will spot signs of structural damage from termites or an unchecked rodent problem. Consequently, investing in regular pest control helps maintain your home’s market value by eliminating these turnoffs.

10. Create a Healthy Environment for Children & Pets

Finally, pets like dogs and cats hunt and eat pests, risking illness from toxins or parasites. Also, children crawl on floors and put toys and hands in their mouths, areas where pests spread germs. Therefore, for the health of your children and pets, it is very important to create a pest-free home environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control

How often should pest control be done in a home?

Pest control should be done at least once per year in spring to knock down any pests that overwintered or migrated inside. Some homes may need more frequent service every 3-4 months to deal with prolific pests through regular pest control.

What chemicals are used for pest control?

Professional pest control uses EPA-registered chemicals designed to kill common household pests while remaining safe around humans and pets when applied correctly. Additionally, baits and gels are also very effective and low impact solutions.

Can pest control work be done with children in the home?

Yes, pest control can be performed in residences occupied by children using child-safe products. Specifically, the pest control technician should go over safety before applying any chemicals.

Are natural pest control methods effective?

Many natural ingredients like diatomaceous earth and boric acid are proven to kill pests. However, they may not fully eradicate severe infestations of many species of insects. Therefore, natural methods work best along with targeted professional treatments for an integrated pest management approach.

Will one pest control treatment get rid of everything?

It depends on the level of infestation. Most common pests take multiple cycles of eggs hatching to fully eliminate through physical control and chemical methods. Therefore, follow your pest management company’s recommendation for additional treatments to prevent future infestations.


In conclusion, pest control is hugely important for protecting human health, homes, food supplies, and animals from damage and disease caused by pests.

By investing in regular service from pest control professionals, homeowners and businesses can implement an integrated pest management plan to eliminate existing infestations.

Implementing proactive pest control provides peace of mind that your family and livelihood are safeguarded from these unwelcome invaders.