Pest Control Brisbane Guide

Services, Costs, and Benefits

Are you in Brisbane and looking to get top-quality pest control services?

EPM Pest Control Brisbane has been helping locals with their pest problems for over a decade now.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what makes us the #1 choice when it comes to insured and affordable pest treatments for residential and commercial properties around Brisbane.

We’ll get into the details of our various services like roach control, ant control, spider control, bird control, termite barrier systems, and more.

What is pest control?

Commonly addressed types of pests include flies, bed bugs, fleas, Australian cockroaches and other native cockroaches, bees, spiders, ants, wasps, squirrels, raccoons, and rodents. Services related to pest control also encompass inspecting properties for pest habits. Setting up preventative measures like traps and barriers is helpful. Water and food population and food regulation also have a huge impact on pest management.

The Benefits of Pest Control

  • First and foremost, pest control helps to keep you, your family, and your property safe from potential damages caused by pests and wildlife. It also safeguards against diseases or allergies carried by any pest activity, and rodents and bird pests.
  • By investing in professional preventative measures like sealing entry points around vents or fences you can be sure that any current infestations or future ones won’t have an easy way into your home.
  • Pest extermination keeps certain plants safe as well as other animals you may have in or around your house with solutions like bee hive removal if needed. This is especially important if you have a garden full of fruits, veggies, and herbs that could be harmed by various critters running amok nearby.
  • Professional treatments help eliminate possible damage to homes caused by termite infestations before they become too costly – saving both time and money down the road.

Pest Inspections

It is a crucial step in the pest management process. After a thorough inspection by one of our experienced technicians, any existing pests or potential entry points are identified, especially in hot weather conditions and dry conditions. A professional pest control service provider will then provide you with a detailed report on their findings and specific items that need attention as soon as possible. This includes references for alternate ways to protect your home from future infestations.

Residential Pest Control

Treatments vary depending on the type of pests encountered. But typically include humane techniques for catching or removing them as well as sealed entry points to prevent infestations. Pest control experts are also equipped with specialised equipment like thermal imaging cameras and listening devices in order to pinpoint weaknesses in walls and other hidden areas where pests may hide alike.

Commercial Pest Management

Regardless if you own or run a restaurant, retail store, or office building pests can have serious implications on your bottom line and can be detrimental to customer satisfaction. That’s why pest control technicians come equipped with the most advanced industry-leading solutions to handle whatever situation you may be facing. Including non-toxic options that will not disrupt your daily operations.

Cockroach Control

Cockroach control is one of the most common pest management services. Pest control companies take great care in identifying the species as they are found throughout Australia. The most common types include German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Australian cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. After identification, we treat any affected areas using insecticides like bait gels or liquid sprays which target individual roaches as well as their eggs.

Ant Control

Ant control is essential for any home or business which is why our licensed pest control specialists are always prepared to get rid of them as soon as possible. Our first step is to properly identify the type of ant, as there are dozens of species living in Australia alone. The most common ones we usually deal with are Black House Ants, Sugar Ants, Green-head Ants, Coastal Fire Ants, Busy Black Ants, and Argentine Ants. After identification, our technicians can create an action plan tailored to your needs. This includes using baited traps that target individual ants rather than taking a blanket approach by spraying pesticides and insecticides which may not be as effective.

Flea and Tick Treatment

The most common treatment option for flea infestations on cats and dogs is to use an insecticide product, which kills adult fleas as well as eggs. After all, prevention is better than cure. In addition, consider using good housekeeping practices such as regularly vacuuming surfaces, washing pet bedding regularly, and avoiding carpets that can be breeding sites. Some of the common types of fleas are human fleas, mole fleas, rabbit fleas, and tropical fleas.

Spider Control

Spider control is essential for anyone who wants to avoid coming face to face with a creepy crawly surprise around the house. These eight-legged creatures can cause a range of issues ranging from generally freaking you out, damaging property, and infesting food sources. We identify and sort through different types of spiders living in Australia such as white-tail spiders, tarantulas, redback spiders, funnel web spiders, cupboard spiders, and daddy long-legs spiders.

Bird Control

Having birds around can be a great way of sprucing up your outdoor living area. However, they can also become very inconvenient when their droppings end up caking surfaces or damaging gardens. That’s why we offer bird control services that help manage the influx of these pests in an effective manner. Our technicians identify any species nesting on or near your property.

Termite Control

One of the most dreaded pests in Australia is termites. They can cause extensive structural damage to both residential and commercial properties if left unchecked or not treated properly. That’s why it’s important to invest in professional termite control services as soon as any signs of activity have been noticed. After inspection and identification, our technicians determine whether subterranean or dry wood treatments follow Australian Standards AS 3660.

Termite Inspections

When it comes to termite inspections, our professional technicians use the most advanced and up-to-date techniques in order to locate any possible activity or potential damage done by termites to the environment. A typical inspection includes a visual of all accessible areas inside your property as well as outside such as gardens, fences, trees, decks, and perimeters. Our team is specifically trained to detect signs of current infestations or possible entry points where future ones can occur which include tiny holes near wall cavities as well as rusty patches on the ground around the perimeter of a house.

Termite Barriers

When it comes to protecting your home or office from termite infestations, one of the best solutions we have to offer is termite barriers. This is an approved chemical treatment that helps prevent new colonies from entering your premises by creating a barrier deep within the ground. Our team uses non-intrusive methods to engage in application such as EPA-accepted nontoxic chemicals including physical barriers like expanded polystyrene or metal strips which can be installed without having to dig huge trenches or disturb any landscaping done around your property.

How much does pest control cost in Brisbane?

Pest control options in Brisbane can run from as little as $24.95 for some basic services up to around the high hundreds of dollars for more involved procedures such as termite bass treatments or commercial jobs. Pricing usually includes assessment, treatment, and follow-up every 6 months. For residential pest control, our Prices start from $139 for an initial inspection and a follow-up once any corrective measures have been completed. Termite inspections will usually cost between $220-$300 depending on the size of the property whereas a full-scale termite baiting program could be upwards of$600 or more.

About the Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and the largest city in Australia. It’s a modern and vibrant metropolis that provides visitors with plenty of activities or cultural experiences just minutes away from its laid-back atmosphere. Walking through their urban spaces, Brisbane provides you the opportunity to explore historical landmarks as well as unique eateries around town. Popular among travelers and locals alike, Southbank Parklands is one such example. A sprawling riverside oasis whose 17 hectares contains a lagoon, artificial beach, rainforest walkways, lively restaurants, and museums.


When it comes to pest control in Brisbane, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated and experienced team.

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